Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sisterhood & Best Friend Forever

hi bloggy,
see, i cant get enough to blog. hehe! so now, i want to talk about my BFF. her name is Fatin Athirah. 
how i met her? haha! long story. she never knew i am Alia Amira. but she heard a lot of things, rumors about me from those bitches who cant stand seeing me happy. haha! adat manusia la kn. klu a person ni bagos, mesti org xsuke die tuh. well, i dont give a damn. then me & aten began to hangout together during our 2nd semester in UniKL. thats when all the friendship happened. we fought, we laugh, we cried together. we're like twins. she knows how i felt about something. she have a black belt in Alia Amira's life. hahahahaha! she knows EVERYTHING about me. 

its normal that we sometimes fought. haha! misunderstanding..and all that stuff. but she is the only GIRLfriend that knows me inside out. hehe! we helped each other a lot. and we hate the same person too. haha! she saw me thru ups & downs in UniKL. i love her! its kinda hard to contact each other since we're both busy with internship. but we'll see each other again next semester when we sign up for degree this July. hehe! cant wait to get back together! hehe!

so, crite pnye crite..actually i bru je lepas main Lipice Apps kt facebook. its kinda fun. this is the time where u will remember ur BFF/sisters or whoever that is super meaningful to u. Once you’ve uploaded a photo, edit and insert your message to your BBF! BFF is someone you share sisterhood and girly bonding with. Not necessarily blood-related.

ive done mine. haha! its super cool! here's the link to the apps. Once the campaign is over, u guys will received ur edited photo, and its PRINTED! 
do try this okay SISTAs! love u guys sooo much! see u guys again soon!

x o x o

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