Friday, April 22, 2011

updates for Thursday - 220411

hello bloggies!
as u know, bieber's fever is over. so do my fever. haha! de org kte, "u pnye fever tu, dr last week lg.." haha! yeah. my fever main2 la pulak kn..i felt sick during the day and kinda healthy during the night. what a waste that i didnt get to go to Justin Bieber My World Tour. well, its okay. ape la sgt si Bieber tu here's his latest hair cut. SUPER cute!

yes, he is cute. the concert was like in front of my office. i can see people start lining up at 530pm for his concert at 830pm. punye lah semangat! to add more drama, they've been lining up in the rain! bagos tul budak2 nieh. well, enough about Bieber.
Next, malay actor Zed Zaidi is getting married! im not a big fan of him and not even his fans, but 1 thing thats unique about his marriage is HIS WEDDING INVITATION CARD! since they met thru Facebook, they decided to make a facebook-like card. thats SUPER nice of them. 

see! thats cute right? hehe! so anybody out there who met their love thru facebook, u guys can 'copy & paste' this idea. and u will definitely be remembered! hehe! to know more about Zed Zaidi's wedding, u can check it out here:

promoting section:
there is a friend of mine who i recently noticed to have a blog. haha! his blog is more to like sharing unique stuff. not life-drama-like-blog. haha! if u guys interested, click here. there is one post that i like and been wondering how & where did he get this from. its about Mariah Carey's nude photos. click here to see them for urself.

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