Friday, April 29, 2011

what do u guys think of these?

these are sucks. i dont understand why and how can this happened. 
seriously, come on lah. we dont need m-pop here in malaysia.
this is super duper embarrassing! 
its okay if we want to 'copy & paste' korean fashion, but not this kind of things.
super duper eeeuuuuwwwwing!

this is seriously waste of time.

this is the most stupid of all.

as one of SuJu's fan, i TOTALLY HATE TO SEE THIS. and as a malaysia, we shouldnt do this. no offence, but u guys dont even have the looks to be one of k-pop singer. not even in ur dreams.
these are totally laughable.
xde kemane deh sume nieh. ke laut je. 

x o x o

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